Welcome to the allotments!  We hope you enjoy your time here.

Press here for a useful summary of Fairacres allotments do’s and don’ts and see also below:

Please read the Constitution and Rules as well as these notes.  All Allotments Association members have an obligation to the Council to maintain the whole site, as well as our individual plots.  We do not employ anyone, so we all need to help mowing paths, cutting hedges, and assisting in special projects. These obligations can be met if each allottee gives two hours a year to maintaining the site, either as part of our organised working parties, or individually.  Do try to work your own plot regularly so as to keep on top of it.  Weeds grow very fast!  The allotment committee inspects the site monthly and can give advice if you are having difficulties. Please contact your Link Person within the committee of you have any questions or problems.  They are there to help you.


•Keep your plot cultivated and weed free. Make sure your plants do not overhang paths. Leave paths clear of all bags, tools, weeds, stones etc.

•If your plot borders a hedge, leave a gap along the hedge for people to gain access to the hedge for cutting.

•Maintain the soil fertility with regular use of compost or manure.

Keep all paths round your plot mown and the edges trimmed.  This task is shared with neighbouring plot holders.  There is a petrol strimmer and a mower in the shed for communal use.  Ask Rodas for a demonstration or advice about these.  If they go wrong please let Rodas know.

You will need to have a proper CONTAINER FOR COMPOST on your plot. It is best to keep this covered to stop weeds from growing, and to empty and spread the compost regularly. See Composting page for details.

Please keep bonfires to an absolute minimum. They should not be used as your normal method of weed disposal.  Do not burn any wet or green material.  We need to be considerate of local residents and asthma sufferers.  If you are going to have a bonfire, please do not light it before dusk and even then only when there is a wind is blowing away from Fairacres Road.  Please ensure the bonfire is out before you leave the allotment.

We STRONGLY urge people to work organically.  If you need to cover part of your plot for a while, either use cardboard/newspaper/black plastic and mulch. Do not use carpet as it contains toxic chemicals and can become embedded with weeds.

Please lock the gate if you think you are the last out.  Keep tools out of sight. We periodically have trouble with break-ins.

The polytunnel is for everyone’s use for starting off seeds.  Please follow any notes for guidance that are displayed.

Your children are welcome, but come on as your responsibility. They must not cross or go on to other people’s plots or play with hose pipes.  Please be aware there are many potential  hazards on site.  Your first season is a probationary period to see whether you are happy maintaining your plot.

Watch out for announcements on the notice board.   Happy digging!


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